About CO.CO

CO.CO is the first online fashion retailer based on crowd funding.
We offer a unique opportunity to shop designer fashion and influence social change-
For people who want to make the world a better place.

You get to be our customer, our designer and our partner!
Our shared economy platform is profitable thanks to our revolutionary financial model- we design and produce exactly what our buyers are looking to purchase.

How does it work?
Our customers help create each new collection by voting on our designs and offering their own design ideas! This celebration of fashion-democracy enables the perfect combination of cooperation and crowd wisdom which allows us to be highly precise in what we offer, and produce only what our customers and partners actually want to purchase.


Plus– anyone can become a Co.Co. partner! All you need to do is sign-up and invest anything from a small amount to a generous investment, getting every penny back in clothing and other fashion items, with an additional 10% discount (or more) on all collections for life!

And that’s not all- in the coming future, we offer to share the profits with our partners in proportion to their investment, as soon as the law allows it.


Where fashion meets social change
Co.Co. was founded in January 2013 based on the belief that future economy must be a just economy. We know that good taste, cooperation, equality, transparency and social responsibility are universally shared values, and believe a shared economy is a means to achieve those goals.

Left - Photographer: Miri Davidovitz.
Left – Photographer: Miri Davidovitz.

Our business model suggests mutual divided ownership between founders, partners and strategic investors willing to give the company the giant leap forward it needs. 


“Glocal” community centers
With that in mind, we created our first “glocal” community center of profit in Tel-Aviv, which serves as a shop, a direct public access to the business concept and products, and most importantly- as a space for local community and cultural activities free of charge, and open to everyone. 

Come join us and take part in social change, wherever you are.

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