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CO.CO is a sharing economy fashion platform offering an innovative social model of creating fashion.


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  • Silver membership
  • $300
  • Membership share in the amount of 300$
  • Enjoy a lifetime discount of 10%
  • Get your part in distributed profits
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  • Platinum membership
  • $3,000
  • Membership share in the amount of 3,000$
  • Get your investment back in our products over two years
  • Enjoy a lifetime discount of:
    10% on items on sale
    20% on regular price items
  • Get your part in distributed profits
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Our business model suggests mutually divided ownership between founders, partners and strategic investors, all sharing the same values and operating under the following principles:

1. The company’s Board of Directors is mutually comprised by founders and partners.

2. The different wage levels are determined so that the highest salary in the company isn’t higher than 10 times the lowest one.

3. We are committed to employment diversity and use of local suppliers.

4. CO.CO believes in the wisdom of the crowd. That’s why anyone can influence our collection: prior to production, our designs are uploaded online for the customers to choose from, and vote on their favorite items or recommend and request favorite designs.

5. 10% of the profits are contributed to social activities chosen by our partners.

6. Our facility is available to any social activity initiated by the or other relevant organizations seeking a nice and cozy gathering space.

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We deeply value our partners and aim to share our profits with them when dividends are distributed (subject to law restrictions).
Due to legal restrictions the partnership model has not yet been fully determined, however any model decided upon will favor the partners.
Meanwhile you can acquire membership and get your immediate ROI in clothing and other fashion items. But most importantly, our partners take part in key decision making processes, and have a vital role in the Co.Co. project.


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Items are sold online, or offline at the company’s store located at 7 Kehilat Saloniki Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.