Somewhere in north Tel Aviv, within typical urban landscape, between jammed parking lots and gray-looking buildings-
Lies an island of chic and elegant simplicity.

We are Co.Co

Co.Co. is the first online fashion retailer based on crowd funding. We offer a unique opportunity to shop designer fashion and influence social change by collaborative profit centers based on values of relative equality, transparency and social responsibility. Our business model offers equally divided ownership between founders, partners and strategic investors.

And this is our team:

Dalia Kapuza

Dalia is a highly experienced designer within the Israeli fashion industry. Her passion for fabrics, prints and design is combined with her love for elegant simplicity, which is passed on to generations of fashion design students under her teaching.
Together with Tsafra, Dalia founded Co.Co. to put all that passion into clothing.

Tsafra Perlmutter

Tsafra started out as a fashion designer alongside with Dalia, and moved on to various managerial positions where she discovered the wonders of economy.
Today an entrepreneur with a strong social agenda, Tsafra founded Co.Co. based on her determination that shopping can save capitalism, and that fashion needs to be done with decency, or not at all.

Koby Vyzel

An internet entrepreneur especially sensitive to color, font and shape, Koby designs, develops, advises and writes on everything “now” online. Believing sleep is essentially a waste of time, Koby is fully engaged with orchestrating our website development…

Yael Zachor

Photographer & Graphic Designer. Born and raised in the Galilee, studied in Jerusalem & working in Tel Aviv. Love taking photos of food & eating food. With a slight obsession to Stationery, Washi tape & chocolate balls.

Avi Ovadia
Production Manager

Started his career in textiles development and production. Familiar with operation and logistics he enchants modelists and dressmakers. He manages the supply chain from cutting tables to hangers

Michal Epstein

While a fashion designer, Michal actually favors the more theoretical aspects of her profession. A blessed illustrator, she is also fond of newsletters and blogs, and is the “spirit” behind our revolutionary voting platform, making sense of the votes and turning them into our own fashion trends.

Hagar Barnea

A textile design student at Shenkar, specializes in weaving & embroiderer in her soul. Although she’s more into monochromatic outfits, her romantic perception makes her believe that the textile industry in Israel will be flourishing again.

Tali Rozin

Tali just couldn’t resist the CO.CO concept and quickly became a partner. She is now responsible for nurturing our partners’ community; reaching out to partners, getting to know them better and getting them to meet one another.

Ayala Perlmutter

Content editor, writes biographies and praises daily the miracle of our existence here.
Attentive to every person and eager to listen to his special story.

Want to take part in Co.Co’s success? Let’s talk.