Tamar Marcovitz’s project to find out what women want to wear and what’s in their dream closet



Hilla Regev, the woman, the honest parent, the legend, talks about clothes, boobs, and the good life of a new mother. Love it? Vote!


  • Hilla's Dress By Hilla Regev

    According to Hilla, the world needs a dress because women with breasts need a bit of breathing room. No cleavage that requires attention all the time but also no suffocating collar. Let boobs breathe!

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  • Motto Sleep When You Can, Wherever You Can
    The Last Book I Read Jerusalem by Gonçalo Tavares
    My Last Google Search How to wean off diapers without wanting to kill yourself
    My Last Youtube Search Master Choco by Arik Einstein
    The Ultimate Brunch Whole wheat pancakes with forest berries and sour cream
    The Ultimate Dinner Black coffee
    Coffee Short espresso, lemon on the side, soda
    Ultimate Vacation Studio in Brooklyn
    Ultimate Nightmare Cleaning the house
    My Room The entire house has a balcony with a sea view. That is, if you stand on tiptoes and turn sharply to the left, you can see the sea.
    Why does the world/your closet need this dress? Women with boobs need some breathing room. The dress doesn’t show any cleavage that attracts attention all the time but also doesn’t have a suffocating collar. Let boobs breathe!


    Tamar Marcovitz
    Tamar Marcovitz

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