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Co.Co is a fashion sharing platform, based on community shared values. The company enables its customers to join as partners, and participate in its activities. The company operates in a business model of circular economy and offers innovative solutions along the supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

CO.CO Is a community based venture. The platform combines offline and online activities and changes the way fashion is consumed. The brand’s vision is to reduce significantly overproduction conducted in the fashion industry by binding its customers as partners to support the brand sustainability practice and core values.

The collection is for sale online or in CO.CO showrooms that operate from partner homes. The showroom is a cozy space, where customers can get personal styling advice (Stores). The company’s offices, flagship store and community center, are located in Kehilat Saloniki 7 in Tel Aviv.

Fast fashion has made textile the second most polluting industry in the world. For a variety of reasons, the industry currently recycles only 15% of its yearly waste. The unavoidable conclusion is that the world needs to significantly reduce fashion production.

While all brands first produce and then sell, at CO.CO we strive to first sell and then produce. Therefore, all designs are for sale before production. The PREORDER system allows us to predict the demand and finetune production volumes. While customers wait a while for the item they purchased, they enjoy it early in the season, with a significant discount and save themselves the frustration of waiting to end of the season sale, only to discover that they can find neither their preferred size nor their preferred colors.

We strive to produce locally whatever is possible. Unfortunately, the textile industry has moved offshore as part of the global changes, and there are items that can only be produced abroad. Our excellent technical and professional team cares about the wellness of both customers and partners, and is well acquainted with the requirements and capabilities of the various suppliers, locally and around the world. belongs to its team of five founders and to its investors. Our vision is to allow our community partners, who identify with CO.CO core values and support it by purchasing a partnership in the brand, to share the company’s ownership.

Anyone can be a partner in the brand. By purchasing products in advance, one acquires partnership and, in addition, enjoys a significant lifetime discount. The partnership investment supports the venture cashflow and finances ongoing activities.

The venture aims to reduce overproduction that is part of the industry’s business culture. The common practice in the big brands is to have excess inventory at a level of about 25% of their production. In CO.CO the excess inventory is about 5% of production. These surplus items are offered for a significant discount sold and the resulting profits are donated each year to a nonprofit organization chosen by the community.

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