Co.Co’s Affiliates Program offers a profitable win-win situation for all sides

All you have to do is refer a relative target audience to us through your website, Facebook page, Instagram account or through any other of your digital assets. If you have followers that will like Co.Co, we invite you to join today.

Our site can be reached by a special link that includes an exclusive affiliate code so every purchase can be attributed to the specific affiliate.

The data is transparent to both sides, and at any given time you will be able to see how many customers you have referred to us.

We will continue to provide sincere and quality service, and we will be happy to compensate you for every purchase your customers have made.

Even if the referral did not result in a purchase the first time, a customer referred by you is registered in our system (during the customer’s first 60 days on the site by means of cookies) as your referral and you will receive commission every time that customer makes a purchase. This means that from your perspective, a means of passive income has been created.

Would you like to give it a try? Sign up for our affiliate program and start profiting today!

I want to be an Affiliate
  1. General

    1. Joining and using the Co.Co Affiliate Program is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement. The submission for affiliate registration serves as consent to all the aforementioned terms and conditions in this agreement.

    2. The Affiliate Program will allow you to advertise various products that participate in the Co.Co Affiliate Program, pursuant to the defined terms and conditions.

    3. Co.Co does not promise that offers made in the Affiliate Program will be valid for an unlimited time.

    4. Co.Co’s Affiliate Program reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of all websites, distribution lists, companies and private individuals for any reason whatsoever.

  2. The affiliate’s undertakings regarding the Co.Co’s advertising media

    1. The affiliate declares and authorizes that it will not use offensive material the media channels in which it operates or infringe on the intellectual rights of others, especially intellectual property rights, or any use other material that is considered as harassment, insulting, hostile, threatening, rude, racist or insensitive to public feelings, in content or nature, that could serve as the basis of a civil suit or that is in violation of any other Israeli law.

    2. The affiliate declares and authorizes that it will not use any software, computer code or application that includes viruses, including malware such as a Trojan Horse, worms, vandals, and other malicious software.

    3. The affiliate will not offer any compensation or incentive to Internet users or its target audience for clicking on advertising content on Co.Co’s website, or for any other action that could result receiving commissions, without the express written consent of Co.Co.

  3. Advertising in your different digital media

    1. As an affiliate, you will be able to advertise several offers in Co.Co’s Affiliate Program and earn commissions.

    2. After signing up to  Co.Co’s Affiliates Program and after you have been approved as an affiliate, you can register to various advertisement programs and use different methods of advertising: distribution lists, integrating computer code provided by the Co.Co Affiliates Program into your website, a unique advertising a link provided by the Co.Co Affiliates Program, etc. Each of the advertising methods you choose can monitor all activities carried through you. The responsibility for the correct use of advertising means lies solely with you and you waive all claims towards Co.Co if you have been directly or indirectly harmed following incorrect use of digital code or material it has provided.

    3. As an affiliate, you will only be able to advertise the existing marketing tools in the Co.Co Affiliates Program. The use of additional advertising material beyond that which exists in the Co.Co Affiliates Program requires prior written consent of Co.Co. A violation of this term could prevent the payment of commissions, and even expose the affiliate to claims for damages incurred.

    4. As an affiliate, it is explicitly prohibited to send SPAM messages via email that contain links to the Co.Co Affiliates Program, directly or indirectly. A violation of this condition could prevent the payment of commissions.

  4. Commissions

    1. If you are approved as an affiliate in the Co.Co Affiliates Program, you will be eligible to receive commissions pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth by Co.Co. The terms and conditions could change from time to time pursuant to the company’s discretion.

      1. For every purchase of a user who entered the site from your link, you will receive a commission (less returns and cancellations).

      2. The unique link, and the users that arrived after using it, will be saved and the purchases will be credited to you for 90 days.

    2. You will not be eligible for commissions in the following cases:

      1. If the customer cancelled the purchase or returned the purchased product.

      2. If the purchase was not approved by the credit company.

    3. The payment of commissions will be carried out by Co.Co and is conditional on the action awarding the payment of commissions to meet the offer’s terms and conditions. To remove all doubt, commissions paid for the ordering of products will be approved and paid only after the purchase has been finalized by the customer, and if the customer changed the details of the transaction, Co.Co reserves the right to update the commissions owed accordingly.

    4. The amount of the commission paid will be determined by the Co.Co Affiliates Program and the company reserves the right to change the commission, comprehensively or specifically, paid to the affiliate from time to time, based on its sole discretion. When the commission is changed, the affiliates will be updated, but Co.Co is not obligated to send this message and it is the responsibility of the affiliate of the Co.Co Affiliates Program to read updates from time to time for the commissions paid and the offers it markets.

    5. The amount of commissions paid will be calculated on a monthly basis from the commissions that have collected in the affiliate’s account and have been approved. The affiliate will be paid by one of the following methods:

      1. To a company, against a legal tax invoice with the addition of VAT.

      2. To an individual authorized dealer, against a legal tax invoice; to an exempt dealer, against a receipt as required by law.

      3. To an individual who is not an authorized or exempt dealer, the commission will be transferred as a balance for use in Co.Co. website.

    6. The commission will be paid 30 days after the end of the previous month.

    7. The affiliate will receive the commission on the first payment date where more than 50 NIS has accumulated. An affiliate who did not reach this amount at the end of a specific month will receive their commissions after the accumulated amount has reached at least NIS 200 net.

    8. If the sale was cancelled after the affiliate was compensated for it, the amount will be offset from future amounts paid to the affiliate.

  5. Liability

    1. Co.Co. will be entitled to provide the affiliates’ details in the event of any legal procedure on behalf of a third party for actions taken by affiliates that violate the terms and conditions of the system.

      1. In no circumstance will Co.Co, or any person on its behalf, bear liability for any of the actions carried out by one of the affiliates, and it will not bear any costs incurred if an affiliate is sued by a third party concerning the Co.Co Affiliates Program.

      2. The Co.Co Affiliates Program reserves the right to end the contract with an affiliate for any reason. In this case, notice of the termination of the contract will be sent by email and will be valid once it has been sent. Commissions accumulated by the affiliate will be paid the following month, as long as there are no concerns of fraud.

      3. Co.Co reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this agreement. Notice of changes in these terms and conditions will be sent to the affiliates, and these changes will become valid 10 days after the notice has been sent. The affiliates hereby undertake to fulfill the new terms and conditions or to terminate the contract with Co.Co. prior to the new terms and conditions becoming valid.

  6. Legal Jurisdiction

    1. The applicable law concerning the joining the Co.Co Affiliates Program and this agreement are solely Israeli in nature. The only legal jurisdiction for any issue of disagreement is that of the authorized Tel Aviv District courts.

    2. If portions of this agreement will be deemed as invalid pursuant to a law, statute or court rulings, all other sections of this agreement will remain valid.