As we prepare ourselves for the spring season, we clean out our closet to usher in a whole new wardrobe. We all know that the real struggle during this season is how to survive this weather, which is acting like a true Diva with different requests for each day.

At times like these, it’s important to stay strong and remember that here at Co.Co we create the clothes that we want to wear, the perfect solution for a spring wardrobe crisis.

Here are five winning spring outfits we have put together for the upcoming season:


Monday Workday

The formula is simple- Formal and dressed at the top, light and breezy at the bottom: Our FRIDAY cotton blouse, black Agate necklace, a formal clutch by Ladybird and Tribeca leather sandals.




Tuesday You-Day

There’s nothing like spending a sunny weekday outside the office. Have fun in the sun with a cotton hat paired with the Jessica Rib-it (Grey & Black) dress.




Black Wednesday

A known Chinese saying claims that nothing good happens on Wednesdays. There is nothing more appropriate than a Black-on-Black outfit to keep with this mood. A perfect Day-to-Night ensemble: ZIP Top, New York Skinny Jeans and a black zipper clutch.




Thank God it’s Thursday

Weekend is just around the corner! A Midi skirt and a light T-shirt in monochromatic colors blend well with a green chain necklace that will add color and zest to your outfit and usher you into the weekend.




Friday I’m in Love!

An animal print always sets the mood for a good Friday noon party: ZANZIBAR dress, white Bensimon tennis shoes and a big sun hat to make a dramatic entrance.



חדש בחנותלחנות

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