When I was done reading the interview she e-mailed me, I blurted out loud “Wow!”. From a distance it seems to me that Liza Koren, partner number 297 not only goes for quantity but for quality as well.

Do you reveal your age?

I’m 54…55 in July.

Where from?

Kfar Saba

Family Ties

I say this with love – We succeeded. Our 27 year old talented son whose studying Architecture in New York, our 21 year old daughter, a commanding officer in the IDF’s Officers School, and my amazing husband, a surgeon.

A little bit about yourself

For 34 years, since I got married, I have been engaged in the business of advertising and marketing. I worked for the largest advertising agencies in the country, and after a few years, we parted ways. I then began managing the marketing media for the credit card company “Leumi Card”, then spent six fascinating years managing the marketing communication department in ORANGE (Now known as PARTNER). These years were particularly challenging, dynamic and full of action, resulting in almost 67 campaigns.

During these years, I finished law school and completed a mediation course together with and an internship. For two years after that, I worked for Bazan Oil Refineries in Haifa where I managed the corporate communications. Today I am a freelance project manager in marketing communications.

What is written on your imaginary business card? (Don’t be modest)

On Fire. A soul player and a dreamer who is in touch with reality

If you had a profile on a dating website?

Graceful, full of life, love to cook and pamper, a good friend.

What has influenced your taste?

The love for beautiful things

What do you love to wear the most?

Flattering Dresses. Jeans and a white blouse, and camel ankle boots.

Who do you go shopping with?


Hoarder or giver?

I lovingly give away. After two seasons, I do an inventory.

Most expensive item in your closet?

Ralph Lauren leather coat

If you could change one thing about the world?

A world without evil! Bad and bitter people – OUT!

Someone you would like to meet?

Meryl Streep – An amazing woman and actress.

What do you wish for your daughter?

To love herself! To be proud in who she is. To lead and to help others. 

Your thoughts about money


A word about Co.Co

Loved the idea from the beginning…Really enjoy the clothes: Comfortable and well-designed quality clothes.

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