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Am I allowed to purchase membership while I am employed by another company?

Anyone can purchase membership and benefit, in accordance with the law, from expected profits and value growth.

Who can I transfer or sell my membership to?

Co.Co is entitled to first refusal right in purchasing shared “membership units”. Membership can also be sold to any of the other partners. Selling to a third party is subject to the board’s approval. Maintaining the special community blend that we have created  together with each and every partner is of utmost importance to Co.Co.

Can my family enjoy the membership discount?

Unfortunately not. The discount is not transferable. We do encourage anyone who likes the collection to become a partner because we believe that it is a worthy investment both in practice and in principle. The investment made by the partners is carefully handled and funds the current operation.

How do I get a return on my investment?

The investment is returned in products over a period of two years, in addition to special discounts on various products. Above all, we consider the investment a business opportunity to become engaged in an innovative startup company with significant growth potential.

How can I actively contribute as a partner?

You can vote and exert your influence on decisions made. You are welcome to share your knowledge in the relevant fields, make suggestions with regard to the business and the community in which the company is involved. You can serve as our representative among your social circles and avail yourself as a community leader. The company is interested in manning partners in local branches in order to leverage the identity of interests.

How do I know that the funds invested are used in an optimal way?

According to Co. Co  guidelines, the top salary will not exceed ten times the lowest in the company. Partners with larger share in the company will not be given priority. The board will receive reports and assume responsibility as if a public company. The chairperson of the board elected in the annual assembly will report to the partners. Each year 10% of the profits will be donated to social activities defined by the partners.

Who runs and audits the company?

The company is managed by its founders, a team of professionals and experts. The board of directors comprises of ten members whose duty is to review the company’s financial and operational activity. The board includes entrepreneurs, partners and an attorney who is not a partner but has accompanied us from its first day. The broad representation is not required by law but asserts our wish for transparency and supervision. We believe that the company’s interest are identical to the interests of the entrepreneurs and of the partners. The auditing is handled by Tenenbaum Bar Levav Accountants.

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What type of apparel and products are sold at Co.Co?

Our designs are basic elegant, everlasting yet fashionable. Thus, they easily fit into our wardrobe. The variety of designs and sizes is made to meet the requirements of our customers, partners and their social circles.

What makes Co.Co special?

Co.Co. offers a fashion and design platform managed professionally which enables the community to produce the products consumed by it. These products are elegant and up to date regardless of age and size. The company combines virtual and physical space. It allows the community to join forces in all business, creative and social aspects.

Who owns Co.Co?

Co.Co belongs to the founding team and to the present and future partners. Among the present partners you can find teachers, accountants, stylists, attorneys, owner of advertising agency, financial consultants, scientists, mothers, fathers, daughters,  garage owners, writers, artists, civil servants, philanthropists and others. Anyone can become partner.

Does the collection include items of other designers?

Yes, we invite designers to market their collection through Co.Co. We intend to build a coherent and large collection based on many small suppliers. Co.Co’s designing team will coordinate this operation and see to maintain uniformity, timing, style and consideration. That way we will be able to create a multi-brand platform, increase our selection and build a flexible and convenient infrastructure of production and marketing for independent designers.

Where can you buy the products?

Products are available online and at our stores which are located in Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Rehovot & Ramat-Chen. We invite you to visit and see our products so we can get to know each other. Later on, on-line shopping may be easier and enjoyable.

How can one make a difference in the collection?

We at Co .Co believe in the wisdom of the crowd and in your personal taste. Prior to production, our designs are brought on-line for our customers to vote. The more votes we get, the better indication of the sale potential of the items we have. The more certain we are about top selling items, the better we can price them.  As a member of our community you are always welcome to recommend products that you bought or saw, vote and comment on-line. The final decisions will be made by our professional team

How do I register to the website?

Registration is simple. Any page in the website allows you to enter your details, to send an e-mail or to connect by one click through Facebook.

Is our website secured?

Definitely, the payment process is handled through the highly-secured Paypal company.

What are the payment options?

Definitely, the payment process is handled through the highly-secured Paypal company.

Wish to become partner? Choose one of the following options:

Purchase a Membership share that entitles you to a lifetime discount, or one that allows you get your investment back in products and additional discount, or a retrospective membership. For more information read here…

What is 'My Account'?

Your account includes your membership and payment information entered upon your first purchase. (Update your details when necessary.) You may also review your orders history, save items as your favorites and more. For further information see your account page.

How can I change my password?

No problem. You can do that on your profile page.

Forgot your password?

Request a new password on the password reset page.

What is my legal status as a partner?

The investment is defined as an advance purchase so that Co.Co owes the investor the amount invested in products worth. Our moral obligation is to allow the partners to benefit from the profits when those are distributed in accordance with the law.

International Shipping & Payment info

Items will be ready to be shipped within 3 business days after payment is complete.

We ship all over the world:

Shipping Charge Shipping Method Orders Delivered
Free – in purchase over 75$ Registered Mail 10-14 business days
10$ Registered Mail 10-14 business days
31$ International Shipping 4 business days
Returns & Exchanges

Damaged Or Defective Item

If you receive a damaged or defective item, we apologize! please send us an Email to info@collectivecollection.com or Contact us Here and we will help you exchange or return the item.

International Returns Policy

We put our best efforts to achieve high standart quality and we hope you liked the items purchased. Still, if you regret you can replace or return the items easily within 40 days after payment. All you have to do is contact us by email to info@collectivecollection.com, and send us the item via registered mail.

We will refund your account as soon as the item reaches to our office. Refund will be made in the form of the original payment, not including shipping costs.

If you wish to change size or color, you can replace your items within 40 days of payment. All you have to do is return your unwanted item by registered mail and place a new order. Please note that you will still be responsible for any shipping charges.

*Items arrive damaged will not be refund- please make sure they are packed up properly and can not get damaged on the way.

**’Last Chance To Give’ products are not refundable.

***If items are lost or sent to the wrong address, we will not refund or exchange.

Our address:

Co.Co Collective Collections
Kehilat Saloniky 7,
Tel Aviv

If you have any additional questions please contact us by mail- service@collectivecollection.com

Payment terms

Orders delivered out of Israel, will be charged in ILS according to price quoted in USD.

Orders delivered to an address in Israel, will be charged in ILS according to price quoted in ILS.

“Last Chance to Give” or Last Call Items

The income of items purchased on the category “Last Chance To Give” are dedicated for donation. The amount gathered during the year, is contributed to a non-profit organization, suggested and chosen by our partners.

These items cannot be returned or replaced or be subject to refund or store credit.

By purchasing items  and submitting orders in this category, you agree to these terms.