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Frequently Asked Questions

Our designs are basic elegant, everlasting yet fashionable. Thus, they easily fit into our wardrobe. The variety of designs and sizes is made to meet the requirements of our customers, partners and their social circles.

Co.Co offers a fashion and design platform managed professionally which enables the community to produce the products consumed by it. These products are elegant and up to date regardless of age and size. The company combines virtual and physical space. It allows the community to join forces in all business, creative and social aspects.

Co.Co belongs to the founding team and to the present and future partners. Among the present partners you can find teachers, accountants, stylists, attorneys, owner of advertising agency, financial consultants, scientists, mothers, fathers, daughters,  garage owners, writers, artists, civil servants, philanthropists and others. Anyone can become partner! Read more…

Yes, we invite designers to market their collection through Co.Co. We intend to build a coherent and large collection based on many small suppliers. Co.Co’s designing team will coordinate this operation and see to maintain uniformity, timing, style and consideration. That way we will be able to create a multi-brand platform, increase our selection and build a flexible and convenient infrastructure of production and marketing for independent designers.

Products are available online and at our stores which are located in Tel Aviv, Kfar Saba, Rehovot, Ramat-Chen & several other locations. We invite you to visit and see our products so we can get to know each other. Later on, on-line shopping may be easier and enjoyable.

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