Co.Co is a crowd-funding sustainable & social fashion brand

The biggest problem of fashion is overproduction. It brought the textile industry to become the second most polluting industry in the world. Various measures have been taken – recycling, selling used clothing, improving the supply chain – but they solve only 15% of the problem. The remaining 85% of textile waste are buried in the soil polluting Earth. Co.Co’s solution is simply… to produce less! How do we do that? By means of transparency and collaboration with the community.


Each week new designs are offered for shopping before production, at 30% discount. The purchases help us anticipate demand and adjust quantities. The PreOrder tool we developed at Co.Co helps us reduce the amount of overproduction by 70%, compared to the fashion industry benchmark. Our small surplus is sold online only, and the money received is annually donated to an NGO chosen by our community of partners.

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Running a sustainable business in an economical way poses a significant challenge. It needs a large community interested in its existence, to drive it onwards successfully. Co.Co invites all customers to become partners in the venture, support its values, and take part in its success by turning an expense into an investment. In addition, our partners 

  • benefit from lifetime discounts
  • enjoy a unique shopping experience
  •  get a quarterly update on what is happening in the company
  •  choose every year an NGO to which the donation will be made
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