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Meet the organizations we have collaborated with in previous years

2020 - Women's Spirit

Women’s Spirit, Special Advisor to the United Nations ECOSOC from 2019, works to promote the economic independence for women survivors of violence in Israel. They strive for social change from a feminist perspective and are commited to social and gender justice. Women’s Spirit is the only NGO in Israel providing survivors of violence with actual solutions, such as employment and financial empowerment. Women’s Spirit works with social communities, businesses, and policymakers to push for the equality and safety of women. They understand that only by raising awareness, significant change can be possible.


The Shanti House Association serves as a warm home and provides shelter for at-risk youth who are in immediate danger of facing physical violence, sexual expoitation, and prostitution. The association helps these kids shape their path to independent living. During their period of stay, the children of the Shanti House receive counseling and guidance so that they can believe in themselves and their abilities. Since its creation, tens of thousands of young people have been helped, surviving trauma, studying, enlisting in the IDF, and successfully becoming an independent citizen.

2018 - FIRST HUG

Every year, hundreds of babies are abandoned in neonatal wards and infant hospitals in Israel. The First Hug organization aims to treat every abandoned and lonely baby in Israeli hospitals. They fill the void from absent parents and provide the emotional and cognitive needs that are essential to a baby’s development.

2017 - consciousness association

This NGO strives for a society in which the public respects the physical and mental integrity of all sexes. In 2010, the organization won the President’s Award for its contribution to the fight against trafficking women and prostitution. The Association works to change the perceptions among policymakers in Israel about prositution. They hold workshops and lectures for schools, at-risk youth, and teachers, as well as assisting survivors.

2016 - Shenkar College of Engineering and design

Co.Co funded a design project in collaboration with the fashion design department at Shenkar College. A wide group of third-year students participate in a special course called "Exceptional". The course seeks to examine the gap between conceptual design done in an academic setting and the “real world” in which the client and designer engage in an egalitarian dialogue about their ideas, desires, and dreams.


Krembo Wings is a youth movement for children with special needs and the only one of its kind in the world. The movement operates 35 branches throughout the country, believing that every child deserves a branch close to home. Tutors come to the childrens’ homes and accompany them to activities at the branch. Everyone benefits from it: the children, who make friends and have a place to belong; the parents, who get time to themselves; and the mentors, who engage in challenging yet meaningful activities.

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