Something new can be an optimistic, joyous affair, and it will bring a pleasant spirit of renewal. But sometimes something new is quite old and precisely worrying. When is this “new old” suitable and relevant?

The end of the season in fashion stores sometimes looks like the end of a busy day in the Carmel market. Piled piles of produce that until a few days ago had been at the height of its glory: shiny fruits that invite teeth, fresh vegetables that splash in health and take wonderful pictures. But when their beautiful hour is over, stained, shabby, and crumpled, they are thrown to the floor and waiting for the cleaners to decide their fate.

Fashion stores are bursting with goods at the end of the season, the clothes pile up in a hoop after casual measurements and above them ridiculously low price tags. Painfully. Dresses that had yesterday adorned magazine covers and rinsed the nets with a plethora of poses, discarded at the end of their season to the stok dai piles. The lucky ones will find a lady who will adopt them, the rest will be crammed into the cartons and driven to extermination. The loss of dignity of the garment in public creates great discomfort. Especially when we remember that each item has a name and a designer and a worker who invented, created, produced, and perspired the existence of it.

We at COCO strive to avoid this. And so, sometimes, our stores at the end of the season are a little empty. Many brands produce merchandise especially for the end of the season. They are looking for cheaper suppliers and raw materials, but are sending products to stores with a high price tag, which will never be paid and its sole purpose is to present a large discount that matches the end-of-season atmosphere.

For us, this is not an option. The real solution to our taste is to create together: you, our customers, and a new collection that will fill the lines. This season has in many ways lost its meaning, following consumer habits that have been deeply rooted as a method.

In the fashion world, the new usually rests on the old and offers a refreshing interpretation. This new old offers an alternative to innovation, which even when we do not like it, raises an eyebrow, or a smile, or a heartbeat, and apparently does not cause irreversible damage.

The old is the privilege of fashion.

The new old that is revealed to the free world in the form of problematic values pertaining to women and human rights, with populism is the king and length of 140 characters may be terrifying. Sometimes, to wash away all the evil and difficulty of last year, all you need is one cotton shirt good in a new old retro look.

חדש בחנותלחנות

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