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Print Around the World

Spring dawned upon us, followed by the exciting hot summer season that is soon to arrive, a good time to light up the streets and catch the eyes of everyone around. So we decided to bring a variety of printed items, all done using different types of ethnic inspired printing techniques. The first one is an African print, expressing a colorful pallet of warm earthy colors, elaborate details and hints of tribal symbols. The second print is a Spanish inspired print giving off a romantic but sensual vibe using large dramatic floral prints on a light background. The third and final print, which we can’t live without, is the timeless black and white print. Although these two colors are considered basic, this is not the case. The bold contrast between the two create an abstract and dramatic feel, emphasizing the shape and design of the print rather than its colors. Now that you know what’s soon to arrive at Co.Co, we invite you to choose your favorite printed item from our Spring and Summer collection.

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