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stretching out to the body’s “Magical Valley”
1951Oxford davidge
Henley 50’s hunks

Henley Unplugged

Ladies and Ladies, please welcome the beloved Henley Shirt, a collarless pullover shirt, characterized by a placket beneath the round neckline, stretching out to the body’s “Magical Valley”. Similar to a Polo shirt but without a collar and a number of buttons along the center of the shirt, adding a sportive look to this shirt. All around, everything is possible: long or short sleeves, oversize or close to the body, anything goes.

Henley Shirts are usually made up of various types of Trico knits, cotton or other mixtures.

This shirt first appeared in the 18th century as the new collarless sleepwear for men. Through time, it evolved and became a part of the traditional uniform of rowers in the English town of Henley-on-Thames, hence the name.

Responsible for the revival of this shirt in the 1970’s is Ralph Lauren, making this shirt popular to this day and a part of almost every collection of fashion brands around the world.

The Henley is the perfect combination of casual wear and style, but the twist is in the buttoned placket giving the “coal miners-gone-cocktailing” look.

At first, it was a popular piece in men’s wear, but was quickly adopted as a must-have in every female closet, and like everything else that women do different from men- We Wear it Best.


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