The red and the twinkling lights of Christmas, mingling with the teddy bears, the hearts and all the pink and red of Valentine’s Day. Without delving into the sources of the holiday, this is a critical mass of pure kitsch. Yael Rosenwald Yaniv, who walked towards the canopy to a song from “The Godfather,” connects to a more cuddly place, and seeks to adopt some romance.

The American RWA (Romance Writers America) sets strict rules for writers in the romantic novel genre. The book must deal with a love story between two people who are trying to develop a relationship. There may be other things happening in the background – historical events, futuristic monsters, zombies. These are nothing more than a vague setting in the way of those who love each other (or any other gender composition). The end, according to the rules of the genre, must be good, or at least optimistic.

In Israel, the name “Romantic Romance” has been translated into a series of pocket books that have been published since the mid-seventies of the twentieth century. These pocketbooks also had their own strict rules – the cover has to be soft, the number of pages was about 150 and the number of words was 50,000. The rules were so strict that the translators were obliged to cut down the plot or add to it according to the demands of the publishing house, even if the addition or the cut had nothing to do with the plot of the story (And they sell Fifty Shades of … “). The kiosks were the ones who jumped on the bargain, and next to the cigarette boxes, the bottles of liquor and nuts, one could also buy a little book of love.

The plot of the entire book was crammed with the illustration on the cover. A gnarled boy and a pretty-looking, slender girl, vividly illustrated. A model for kitsch.



Before we could regain our full control of cornea after the glitter of Christmas, and the shops were already flooded with pinks and reds and hearts and teddy bears. Here’s Valentine’s Day, and with it a magnificent homage to kitsch culture.

Until the 18th century, there was no art at all. That is, people drew, sculpted, wrote, but for the sake of usability. It was only at the beginning of the 18th century that people understood and received philosophical legitimacy (and thanks to the philosopher Immanuel Kant) that they could paint because they were overflowing with emotion, and that it had to be brought out. This is how the most famous deportations in history (until the days of Brad and Angelina) occurred – the separation between the Arts and the Crafts.

A hundred years later, in a gilded, glittering event, and Elvis prints of velvet, he was born in studio rooms in Munich – the kitsch. If modern art is meant to tell a story, the kitsch is meant to tell a dramatic story.
As Kant (roughly) said, the aesthetic experience is in the eyes of the beholders. The same goes for kitsch, art critics in the 19th and early 20th centuries, who saw the mass creature and this sentimental nostalgia for the past and romanticism, cynically even saying, “It’s so totally exaggerated.

The fact that the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was called “the genius of kitsch” makes us somewhat skeptical of the bad taste stigma that accompanies the kitschy label.

Sheguang Hu 15-16 AW
Autumn / Winter collection 15/16 by the designer Guang Ho

Time Leap. In 1998 thekitsch movement” was born. At first, she joined a few students around the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, and later – with the addition of additional painters and the establishment of a traveling world exhibition – there seems to be a trend here to stay. The fashion world was not indifferent either, and consciously brought back to life, with a twist of irony, some straight trends from the 70s and 80s that were rich in fashionable excesses. Once a whole philosophical doctrine has been attached to it (there is one, it is related to embracing the past, learning from great masters of us, and – once again drawing Kant to justify the matter), the time has come to adopt a controlled measure of kitsch.

Instagram helps and offers profiles that cause us to sigh “oooo” full of emotion, and to mark #relationshipgoals as if we never walked to the canopy to the sound of the Godfather:“:

Profile: thewaywemet


“On the days we scheduled to read our English papers in groups, Sam would leave his usual seat and find his way to my side of the classroom. We were both Writing majors at our University who became well-versed in each other’s writing, but strangers otherwise. It wasn’t until our grieving over the Haiti Earthquake in 2010 that we had our first conversation and learned we share the same Haitian ethnicity and both have family who were affected. After that, I realized we shouldn’t have been strangers at all. We both worked in the cafeteria and were in our school’s drama club. He was a complete nerd! I laughed at him more than I did with him until he charmed his way into my heart. He courted me. Our next play as a drama group was Midsummer’s night dream and our director saw fit for Sam to play King Theseus and I, Queen Hippolyta. We’ve been making memories together ever since. On September 17, 2016 Sam asked me to be his Queen forever and I said Yes!” (: @jonnieface_photo )

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 Kitsch: True love stories from around the world, filmed and well written. The couple had already met as children and met again 20 years later to fall in love and choose to share life with each other, the couple who met through a dating app, and the couple who had been married for over 60 years. It’s pleasing to the stomach.


Profile: shinliart


We are invited participation in Vancouver International art show 2016. Saturday April 16th, 2016 The Roundhouse in Yaletown Doors Open at 6p.m. Free bear & wine tasting from 6p.m to 9p.m. – #03 Pass, (SHINLIART,2015 / Digital Image / 5184 X 3456px / Time Square, NY & Independence Gate, Seoul ) – When our time passes by, our story also passes by. Let’s remember our time that had passed by. When your last ‘night’ passes by, I will receive it with the offer of ‘today’. . . 03 : Pass / 지나감 (2015 Triumphal Arch, Washington square Park NY / 서울 서대문구 독립문) 우리의 시간이 지나가면 우리의 이야기도 지나갑니다. 우리의 지난 시간을 기억하고자합니다. 그대의 어젯밤이 지나면 내가 그 밤을 오늘과 함께 받겠습니다. . . . #신단비이석예술 #SHINLIART – NewYork in @SHINDANBI_ Seoul in @LISEOK – Art Collaboration – Half&half PROJECT_Collage_2015

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Kitsch: He was in Seoul, she was in New York. The pair of artists, Danby Shin and Sawok Lee, in a series of photographs that demonstrate how to conduct a long distance relationship. The profile is full of split images of similar daily occurrences, which take place separately on each lover’s agenda.

Profile: therealmelroy



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Kitsch: You can not help falling in love with Vanessa and Melanie Roy, a couple of lesbians growing up with their two children, Jax and Erro. The documentation is a recordless record, the little vests of life there (including late-wedding chairs, and Chinese tents that have gone awry) and their smile contagious.

Profile: sarahkjp


Kitsch: The profile that put KK in kitsch. Sarah Vickers married Kyle James Patrick and now they both live in wealth and happiness, with matching pajamas by the fireplace, in the more photogenic parts of the United States.


Profile: decorhardcore


Rg @blancamiroskoudy 💋as long as I have a face, you got a place to sit.

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Kitsch: Ksenia Shestkovsky, the curator of all the decorative (and not necessarily functional) elements of her Instagram, is strange and wonderful.

Gentle and non-controlling, the stages of the item are red and one in the wardrobe. It also radiates on the cheeks.

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