Few are the notoriously memorable moments like the one that took place when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake marched to the 2001 music awards ceremony as if they had robbed Levi’s on their way. Apparently, this moment was so significant in the fashion consciousness of Yael Rosenfeld Yaniv, that she avoided joining the trend to revive – jeans – with jeans. Now she looks him in the blue of the eyes and decides to adopt wisely.


justinandbritney“You look like the president and CEO of Levi Strauss!” Prabba teased the boss, Captain O’Hagen, when the latter appeared at the station dressed in Total Luke Jeans in “Super Troopers” (2001).It seems that 2001 was the year in which the possibility of wearing jeans with jeans turned from “Oh, yes” to “Oh, no!” – Britney Spears and her partner, Justin Timberlake, decided that it would be cool to schedule their performances and wore top-of-the-line jeans at the music awards. That’s how the faucets for eye-washing were invented, so you’ll know. And it’s not that there were any preliminary signs (about the jeans, Britney’s mental state actually had a lot).

When Levi Strauss, a traveling salesman from Bavaria and later the Levi’s brand owner, came to America, awash in the gold rush somewhere in the 1850s, he noticed a high demand for durable work pants, which would withstand the long layoffs in the rivers and the burning. He had no trousers like that. On the other hand, he had quite a bit of strong canvas to sew tents. Not just a canvas, a very durable French cloth called Serge de Nimes (hence the name Denim for jeans, by the way). Strauss, a successful salesman, understood the potential and offered the reactors a decade later the 501 model, inspired by the relaxed design of Genoa sailor trousers, with the bottoms of the trousers designed to match the width of the work boots.

The blue color in which he painted the canvas was also based on practical considerations – he managed to withstand all the hardships of the field and still look well. Also, it was cheap and available. When imports on French canvas became too high, Levi Strauss moved to a local American production. As a means of further durability, the rear pockets were secured by tearing and loss of the gold blocks placed inside them, using metal zippers and a double orange bow. The design of the pockets was so impressive in its practicality that the United States granted them a patent status in 1874. Originally, the jeans were designed as men’s work pants – gold miners, coal miners, farmers, cattle transporters, those who spit tobacco and drink 80% self-distilling whiskey. Amma. In the 1870s, women also worked in all these farms. There was a lot of work, too little dressing room. Do the same, early Pashnistas, and just borrowed their partners’ jeans (Hello, the first “First Jeans”). Long before 2009, when Katie Holmes was photographed from every angle as she walked through the streets of Hollywood in her late husband’s pants, Tom Cruise. 



The 1950s and 1960s were the “golden age” of jeans. James Dean and Marlon Brando gave them the sex appeal of a rebellious youthful spirit, Marilyn Monroe warmly embraced them in her wardrobe. And in Canada, one of them tried to get in with them, with these flowered trousers and matching shirt, into a fancy hotel. That one, it turned out, was Bing Crosby. And when the people at Levi’s heard that the Canadians did not meet the definition of a “respectable appearance,” they quickly created a well-cut jeans suit for Crosby, and a red billet-red flower from the brand’s red labels. In order to make sure there is no doubt that the tasteless Canadians, and the owners of luxury hotels wherever they are, sewed a huge leather label at the Levi Strauss factory in the lining of the suit, which says, “Guys, this is a respectable suit in the world. The suit is named “Canadian Suit,” and becomes a code name for all jeans from head to toe.


Elvis Presley adopts the heat. Jane Birkin gives the nonchalant French chic. Clint Eastwood the toughness Wallis Cooper and Adage. Urban legend says that even Ronald Reagan debated whether to wear a shirt and jeans to make his speech “Down the Wall” (a decision disqualified by the Public Relations and Public Relations Committee on the grounds of “This is too much for the face, Mr. President”). Even the “princess of the people” Diana was photographed in jeans from head to toe. Then came Brittany and Justin.
A white donkey must have passed here without our feeling, because in 2006 Ralph Lauren came out at the end of his show wearing a shirt and jeans. The same Ralph Lauren also included two manly jeans suits in his collection in 2015, joining the fashionable rollback of overall appearance in jeans, along with Gucci jeans and jeans jackets with barbarian , Along with first-line fascists such as Olivia Palermo and Sandra Samburg.

How to wear the mirror well in two simple rules?

To the fashionable return wave of overall look in jeans

Rule of thumb 1: Yin and Yang. You chose jeans (also possible skirt) Dokki cut? Shelby with a liquid jeans shirt pouring out.

Rule of thumb 2: 50 shades of jeans – no! Focus on one hue, a maximum of two. A three-tone special approval will be granted for the advancement.

Low-dose accessories, Britney and Justin’s taste-provoking eye-to-eye warning, and you’re ready to join the “best-of-breed” tribe.


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