This week, the co-design project of CO.CO and the Department of Fashion Design at Shenkar College was launched. A wide group of third-year students participate in a special course called “Exceptional” under the guidance of Idit Barak and Anna Solo.

The course seeks to examine the gap between conceptual design in an academic framework and the “real world” in which the client and the designer conduct an egalitarian dialogue about their ideas, wishes and dreams.

In the course, the students were asked to design one “outstanding” model while offering another model in a more national interpretation while preserving their handwriting and according to the theme of inspiration of their choice.

These models went up to the CO.CO voting platform and through it the students will conduct a dialogue with you, the potential clients. The goal of this project is to teach students who will soon go into their professional lives, to make excellent design while listening to the future dresser, adapting to their needs and controlling their internal volume button. And on the other hand to grant customers to enjoy special items in small series of those who will soon be the hottest names in the world of design.

The usual practice in the field is that the designer creates a secret, deliberates with himself, and ultimately takes upon himself the costs of production and the financial risk. We at COCO believe that it is possible and necessary to design differently. Sharing and exposing the ideas before production guarantees a minimum of excess inventory and allows the customer the lowest price. Minimizing economic risk serves you, the customers, first, prevents surplus, greatly benefits the environment, and allows future designers to engage in what they like best – design. All the rest, about us.

We hope you will contribute to the joint project and will share and share. The excitement is at its peak. It is not every day that we have the opportunity to support such an important social project, with a fine department of fashion design, which for years has been included in the list of leading schools in the world. Vote!



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