Imagine a world where all These companies who control our access to information, transport, lodgings,are Sharing economics based, and share their profits with us.

Imagine a world where Sharing economics are the future. The buds that grew in the last few years grow their roots deep and become vast stable trees that hold firmly to the ground. Imagine a world where all enterprises are Sharing economics based. How do you think these organizations will operate within ten to twenty years?

Let’s say that Airbnb becomes the largest hospitality provider, a gigantic American corporation that dominates the field worldwide. The same as Facebook. Just like Google.

Imagine that UBER becomes the biggest transport provider in the world, which saves us about 20% of our travel expenses and puts most of the professional Taxi drivers out of work.

These companies will become huge monopolies, those who control our access to information, transport, lodgings – because we all will use them on a regular basis, right? We all will use google as our primary search engine, do our homework with the aid of our trusty Wikipedia, and stay at Mrs. Slocomb London house. Instead of a taxi, our neighbor who’s working on his Ph.D. in chemistry will drive us and others as a Supplementary income.

But in ten years time, Mrs. Slocomb will still be renting out her flat, Doctoral Students will be driving strangers and the amateur chef will still host and feed people who found him using an App. It’s possible they will be content but a bit exhausted and their financial situation wouldn’t change dramatically. They won’t be able to make a proper steady secure income using these business platforms. The end result is a market flooded with small freelance jobs that pay little money that replaces the traditional 9 to 5 stable old fashioned job we know.

So who will profit out of all this change? The genius Entrepreneurs who came up with the ideas behind these sharing ventures, and the wealthy investors who have enough money to bet on several trends over the years, hoping one or two of them will pay off. These people got their money back big time. These new tycoons are the result of sharing economies as we know them today.

The sharing economies business model was born to answer a need in society as distress built up as a result of economic erosion of the middle classes. The general feel that capitalism in its current form worships size above all destroyed all sense of open competition and closed down small businesses.

The economic field became a ruthless arena where the game grows shorter and the lifespan of a business enterprise is compared to a football game: short, harsh, painful and can be analyzed and interpreted endlessly in hindsight.

This trend, that becomes a drift, was intended to offer us something completely different. It intended to make the world a better, more equal and holistic place to live in. the world as we know it, where the population increases and at the same time places are closing so only the corporations will be left standing, sharing economies is a beacon of hope. Hope that we can create together corporations that will act from a just, holistic and equality based perspective, and mostly to create organizations that will share their profits with their client base.

Should we be mad at the old kind of tycoons, like Itzhak Tshoova? What can we say about David Zaslav, the president and chief executive officer of ‘Discovery Communications’ whose salary for 2014 was 156 million dollars? In what sense are they different then Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page, Travis Kalanick who founded UBER and is worth today about 3 billion dollars?

The only thing to be counted as success regarding sharing economies as a model, would be an equal and fair to all, would manage to master strong and successful organizations that will lead to a better and more just distribution of assets, which will lead to creating a better society for the benefit of us all. Everything else is just fashion, and that’s our field of expertise.

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