Normcore is probably the most popular style around us. Now it has also become the fashionists’ trend.

Normcore is the new buzz word which means normal or in other words “the moresubversive the more ordinary it is”. Jeans, loose pants, striped T-shirt, a small jacket, white cotton shirt, sneakers by Vans, Adidas or Allstar, nothing novel or special yet in good taste. No games, no attempt to reinvent the wheel or care for smashing looks but rather paying respect to simplicity, casualness and classic fashion. Normcore had to come. Following the hipsters with the geek-chic, retro haircuts, vintage shirts, Buddy Holly eyeglasses Normcore suggests more relaxed looks. Light make-up and an “undone” ponytail will definitely do, thank you! “Fashion is a tremendous effort of the individual to become like all others” wrote Ali Mohar in Ha’arets fashion supplement in 1999. One trend followed another and the logo became king. Normcore, coined by K-HOLE a trend forecasting group, suggests that today people are born and raised as individuals and have to find their communities. On the company’s website it’s written “Normcore doesn’t want the freedom to become someone. Normecore wants the freedom to be with anyone”. Normcore finds liberation in being nothing special and realizes that adaptability leads to belonging. I personally connect to Normcore. Despite my affection for fashion I have always loved classic items. We are sharing the same attitude of creating simple and casual, classic and up-to-date items beyond a specific trend and season. Normcore is not a trend. It’s a message conveyed intuitively. When your clothes are quiet, you are better heard and your personality stands out. As key figures in the fashion world like Emmanuelle Alt editor-in chief of Vogues Paris wears nothing but jeans and cotton shirts in light blue, black and white or Sofia Coppola my favorite fashion icon who looks super chic in her ordinary clothes it becomes clear what brought on the Normcore. This is a reaction to consumption, extravagance and waste while understanding that economic gaps are the real threat to our world. The social protests urged the need for a sense of proportion and just simple and comfortable clothes. Even Tavi Gevinson the creative fashion genius got tired from dressing up and she’d rather put on something simple and like white cotton shirt.


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