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Lace is More

Today we present to you the most romantic fabric there is – the lace.

If there is a fabric that is relevant for all ages, it is the lace fabric. This soft and delicate fabric follows us throughout the day;  small summer dress, a cool shirt, a delicate detail on girls socks and of course – lingerie. For most of us this fabric is a childhood memory of our grandmother’s crochet and lace table clothes that decorated every corner of the house, as if for her lace is always more.

In the past, lace was used as decoration for clothing worn only by royalty. Today, lace can be found in all levels of society, all over the world and in almost every textile industry.

Lace knitting is a picture pattern on the fabric, which is a result of shifting and decreasing eyelets. Common motifs of lace include leaves, rosettes, mandalas and flowers.

Here in Co.Co you can find several pieces of lace like our lightweight summer shirt in black and white. Even our guest designer, NAFTUL, provides us with her summery collection including lace dresses and blouses. You can wear the lace on a hot summer day ,as part of a casual look with your favorite pair of jeans or to an elegant evening night out.

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