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The fall season is upon us, and we have decided to help you to identify the different types of knitted fabrics that are making their way into stores near you. As we see it, knitted fabrics are like a family- there are many differences but have one thing in common. We’ve chosen four types of knits that can be found in any closet:

Single Knit– Also known as “Jersey” fabric. The most basic of all knitted fabrics consisting of both knit stitch and purl stitch. In the summer, it is commonly used for simple t-shirts, and in the winter, it can be found in a heavier and thicker form, depending on the strings used.

Rib Knit– Unlike many other types of knits that are made up of one long thread, to produce the rib, the knitting machine uses separate threads. This technique creates a furrowed texture, and elasticity in the fabric. It is widely found at the endings of sleeves and the necklines of sweatshirts, and is also used for tight-fitted t-shirts.

French Terry– Also known as Terrycloth, a fabric made up of big open loops, allowing the fabric to absorb large amounts of water. Less appropriate for rainy days. Usually one side will be in a lighter shade.

Mélange– A fabric knitted from two or more colored threads that create the effect of an uneven knit. The fashion industry is particularly fond of the light grey-dark grey combination, which gives a rugged feel.

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