Ladies – go to work! Or Change the world in 3 simple steps.

The Israeli central Bureau of Statistics, an institution that its name alone can put you to sleep, has published the average national wage, currently standing on 9865 NIS per month.

The thing is that the average wage is an irrelevant piece of data in a country where inequality is so extreme. The average salary is affected by the high and low wages.

But what is more interesting, and what we are not being told, is how this “Golden” number is calculated and what fraction of the working population is earning high or low wages.

When sifting through the data, we reveal that 74% of Israel’s citizens earn up to 8,000 NIS a month, and on average, the executives earn approximately 99 times more than the minimum wage.

These numbers can be published in a way that is easy to comprehend, and on a regular basis, so that even the layman can understand what we talk about when we talk about inequality.

The common perception that the wage you earn reflects on your value and contribution to the market, has become an unspoken topic due to embarrassment or even the fear of the “Devil’s eye”.The capital and political giants are shifting the focus on the matter to other fronts: raising the minimum wage, conflicts with Iran or Gaza, Orthodox Jews (Haredim), or large-scale studies on gender discrimination and an intolerant work environment towards young mothers. All fronts are worthy of discussion, however, I would like to propose a secret but effective way, that if persistent, will change the world within twenty years.

The pioneers capable of creating this change are our daughters who will soon turn into mature young women. Women who will marry out of eternal love, and will give their children the very best. Women who may inadvertently choose to stay at home until the kids grow up. These women can change the world in twenty years. How? Well, my dear daughter, in three simple steps:

1. Choose Wisely! Love is important, and so is a successful man, but most importantly is a father who understands that the children are both yours and his. Together. A man who understands that your children can grow up successfully even if their mother is working, and that a sick kid is only natural. That there is no need to breast feed the child until it is six, and that getting out of work at four in the afternoon is hard so if he could please contribute a fraction of his week to help out. It is likely that between the age of 30-40 you will want to plant the seeds of your future: kids, career and a well payed job. To earn 9000 NIS you first need to earn 8000. What does it matter that it all goes to paying the nanny? So she’ll live off you for the next 5 to 6 years. But you will have the opportunity to better yourself and improve your salary in the years to come. Not to mention a pleasant and quiet evening at the office while your dear man faces the crying sounds of your hungry and tired children.

2. Go to work! Economic independence is an elusive entity that should be built together. It is less important how much each party contributes, but more importantly is that each side makes a living. This balance between the two is our safety net for a rainy day, when statistics will try to pull you into the circle of 50% divorced couples. If Love wins, both benefit.. Your presence in the labor market is your contribution to sexual equality.

3. Employ Women! True, this is discrimination and men deserve to be promoted too, but hey, we need to act quickly and prevent inequality from crushing our society. Therefore, we must recruit any woman who wishes to work, to the IEF- Israel Economic Forces. Cleaners, managers, sales representatives. We must take initiative and responsibility, and fill every position available with women. Even if your’e a frustrated executive, who earns 30 percent less than her male peer, continue to do your job out of love and motivation, and recruit more women to be by your side.

4. You did it! Now we are the majority! We may earn less, have less business prowess (or less excessive self-confidence, if you will), our professional managerial style is more cautious, we are dressed amazingly, and miss few hours at home, but all these are diminished comparing to the expected accomplishment –we are the majority of the workforce! Now that we have taken over the local economy, we could reduce wage gaps, decide on gender equality on the board of directors, to hold conferences where half of the speakers will be women, And to appoint CEO Ladies who will rule fairly wage differences standards, not like men.

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