CoCo’s showroom is an innovative community growth model, designed to create an anchor that will make the brand accessible to achieve all of its values and ideas to the relevant audience, close to the natural environment, in a pleasant and personal atmosphere.

The Showroomer, as it is, spreads the word about the idea, tells the brand story to its immediate surroundings, and operates the home store at its convenience. Through the showroom’ a whole experience of dating, friendship and cooperation with artists from the community is created. Yes, we believe in localism. This time, meet Iris Gonen, who operates the showroom in Rishon Letzion.

Tell us something about yourself?

I came from a world of education, I was a kindergarten teacher and from there i moved to the business world of real estate. All my life i have been studying and developing. For the past two years I have been a student of family counseling and group facilitation at Adler Institute. I raise an amazing family together with my beloved husband Adi and I am a proud mother of three lovely children: Lee, Shahar, and Ohad.

What do you like to do?

I like to travel in Israel and abroad, to experience different landscapes and cultures. I love to read, to dance at any opportunity, to go for walks either alone or with  anyone who is willing to join; I see this as quality time. I get excited by an interesting lecture or a good movie.

What made you open a showroom in your home?

I read an article about the actress Yael Abokasis in which she says: “I feel at the age of 51 that if we survive cancer and are not defeated from life, it is the time we begin to live for us, to do only what we choose. At this age we are giving birth to ourselves. “

Co.Co helped me bring to realization an old dream that has always been in the back of my mind, a boutique where women will gather  and will be exposed to a different shopping experience; a place where you are not judged by appearance, but are attentive to your needs. In some cases I feel that the women who visit my showroom undergo a kind of transforming experience, and the satisfaction is tremendous. All this goodness is in my safe place, my home and as a very family oriented person I am very happy.

What is Co.Co for you?

A supportive community with a great vision that is suitable for our time and for me in particular. A brand that sees first of all the woman and her needs, and this is reflected in the designs, the patterns and the comfortable fabrics. A community that constantly initiate cultural events for its partners through a comprehensive view of women from within and without. Perfect in my eyes!

New things you discovered or happened to you following  the opening of the showroom?

The showroom requires me to demonstrate marketing abilities and in general to think as an independent business women. It challenges me and gives me a feeling of self development. The encounters with women in the show room give me a lot of insight out of their life which are transforming  to understandings i share with my community.

What would you like to happen next year?

I want to expose my showroom and  the clothes that are tailored and made so precise  by Co.Co, to as many women as possible. In the future I hope to turn the boutique into a place where women will meet, make friends, and feel they are coming to a safe place that gives them a break from the race of life.

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