Preorder system, pre-production orders, a demand prediction tool developed at CO.CO, was not born as a burst of goodness or extreme love for discounts, but because of necessity.

Being a small (but growing) brand with a growing clientele is a challenge in itself. To satisfy their desires, needs and tastes without cooperation between both sides it is almost impossible, and very risky economically.

In reality, with the existing resources of production, with current production prices, the small quantities manufactured by indie designers, it is not possible to produce all the models, in a variety of sizes, fabrics, in sufficient quantity, to any extent. Not if you want to sell the inventory to its end.

Not if you do not have a special fondness to purge the house of clothes that have no demand. Not if you are not willing to destroy tons of clothes, in order not to lose sales. Not if the brand has committed itself to an environmental agenda, which means not producing over 5% surplus, with the conventional number in the industry moving around 30% of excess production, which is thrown into the shredders.

The new trend among fashion chains is to give up the quality control processes, because it is cheaper to throw a shipment of 500 t-shirts that went gray instead of white, than to fund the quality control processes. It’s more economic. But is it more moral? We assume, the constant effort to predict demand in advance, is bothering small designers as well as giant chain stores. At CO.CO we decided (as always, when we do not have a better solution) just get undressed. To expose next season designs, to ask the community for their opinion, even if it sometimes means that we will have to get cold shoulder and dissatisfaction. Yes, democracy is a hassle sometimes, especially when it comes to personal taste.

The choice and expression of opinion is not through words and feelings. It is done using the PREORDER process. We let you vote with your wallet, and in exchange for the customers’ willingness to share their opinion, they enjoy a huge discount on the price of the item, so both sides reep the benefits. The customer buys the new item at a discounted price before it enters production, before the next season rises. And CO.CO? Profits from being able to be precise in production and avoid wasting resources. Transparency and openness is the only way to long-term healthy relationships .

This season, for example, we were surprised to hear that the petite women complained to our showroomers that the clothes were too big. Yes, after years of mostly “real women,” the little ones dared to speak. Following this, our design team was able to diversify better the collection for the next season. But what will be produced and which sizes at the end and in what dimensions – this will be only decided by preorder  purchases. After a month of methodological pause, the preorder returns to our new website.

This week, we began to unveil the new season, and we will continue to do so every week, and in the meantime we can only urge you to use the Preorder tool, which allows you to order the designs before production at 35% discount from full price. For customers it is an amazing discount. For the brand, this is a tool that enables accurate demand in production. The sooner we know which women want the model, the more we can adjust the amount produced in terms of design, size, and color.

Rarely it becomes clear that the just, the environmental, and the social, is also the most worthwhile.

Come on, let’s have fun!

חדש בחנותלחנות

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