Among the dramatic headlines on the news reports this week, a small hidden headline read- An old sycamore tree in Tel Aviv won the war with the real estate sharks.

Yes, a sycamore tree. The same tree that reminds us of the history of Tel Aviv before the famous Dizengod Center. So why would one newspaper cover the fate of one tree?

Could it be the return to Dizengof Square that triggers an ongoing wave of nostalgia? Or because we need them – the roots as a source of stability.

One of the hot discussion topics over the past few years is based on creating a stable wardrobe – “Smart Wardrobe“, because when you face your closet at six in the morning after a sleepless night, someone needs to take responsibility.

In my favorite chick-lit, “Elegant” by Kathlyn Tesro, the heroin goes through a process of understanding herself. This is a chick-lit, so it had to go along with a wardrobe change.

One of the key dialogues in the plot takes place while flipping through a “Vogue” magazine, explaining the “Smart Wardrobe”:

“The real thing is what remains when the fashion trend is replaced, She continues, pouring herself a cup of tea. It survives, it has character. It can be a quality pair of tailored pants or a suit, or black cashmere turtleneck sweater…It’s real. Classic. A black genuine cashmere sweater. After all, life is too short for anything else…”

A list of four genuine and full of character outfits for this fall

Item– Denim Apron Dress
Seasonal Trend– This dress can be seen in the fall collections of Jill Sander, Thomas Mayer and more.
All-time Trend– This dress is perfect for all seasons. With an undershirt, a jacket or just like that.elle_fw16trends_schooluniformגעגועים למדי בית ספר

Item– Grey High-Collared T
Seasonal Trend– Grey high-collared shirt. Can’t go wrong. The 2016 Fall collections show how exciting grey can be.
All-time Trend– It’s cold? Throw a cardigan over it. It’s warm? Hurray! No sleeves.


Item– Retro Trousers
Seasonal Trend– Flattering ankle length trousers on the Kenzo and Carven runway show.
All-time Trend– Perfect with sandals, flats, and ankle boots.


Item– Oriental Shoes
Seasonal Trend– Jessie Dupree from “Damsel in Dior’ demonstrated the prefect fall look, and said these shoes are desired by every fashion blogger.
All-time Trend– between these shoes and others, there’s no doubt these will transfer any wardrobe.


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