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Part 1: Nachalat Binyamin A.K.A the ‘Mecca’ for the Local Designers

The crowded promenade, which is located in vicinity to the Carmel Market, is strongly associated with artists of all sorts and contains everything a fashion designer on-the-run needs:  Fabrics, threads, ribbons and feathers. It’s not unusual to see the fashion design students from Shenkar run about with heavy bags or well-seasoned designers stroking the fabrics of their next collection.


The inspiration for the collection begins here, where merchants offer their latest goods for the upcoming season. It is one of the only places left in Israel where small textile workshops who use traditional methods still exist, after not surrendering to the mass production in the East.

This place definitely has too much of everything, but the challenge is to pick out what suits our customers and us.

…till next time

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חדש בחנותלחנות

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