Her name is as special as her journy. Get to know Agate Krauss!


First things first – Agate? How often do you give explanations about your name?

Agate is assumed to be the English name for one of the gems on the Priestly Breastplate.

I get that question quite a lot and acts as a great icebreaker.

Do you reveal your age?

Gladly. This week I celebrated my 48th birthday.

Where from?

I’ve been around Israel and a little bit abroad. I was born in Petach Tikvah and then wandered to New York for some time. I then came back to Tel-Aviv, then Ramat Gan, Hod Hasharon and back to Tel Aviv where I am planning to stay.

Family Ties

I live with my amazing life partner Naftali. I am the youngest out of three girls, Orly and Limor. My sisters are also my best friends. My mother Miriam is now 83 years old. My father passed away 12 years ago. Family is a priority for Naftali and me so naturally his family also became my family and the opposite. I would also like to tell you about my extended family from my mother’s side. We are thirty cousins, some live here in Israel and some in North America. We are in great contact and always love the opportunity to reunite.

A little about yourself

Wow, I was in so many places and did so many things. I especially like to take action in social activities, so I worked in many social organizations, like the Women’s Network and the Israel Aids Task Force. I like to combine theory and practice so I spent some time doing research and application. I have a BA and MA in Sociology, and recently finished my second Masters in Hebrew literature specializing in editing. I’m currently working on my PhD in sociology of science and medicine. Apart from studying, I spend my time editing books and consulting in my field of expertise- sociology of health and research at the Department of Tuberculosis and AIDS of the Ministry of Health. In addition, I’ve instructed and taught at the academy. I love to teach as well as to learn.

What is written on your imaginary business card? (Don’t be modest)

Curious, full of interest, believes in cooperation and mutual support, and implements too.

If you had a profile on a dating website?

Hmm…That’s a challenge. I decided that I don’t like this question, this phenomenon represents a lot of negative things in this world.

What has influenced your taste?

My maturity. Over the years, I have learned to accept myself and adapt my closet accordingly.

What do you love to wear the most?

Comfortable and interesting clothes.

Who do you go shopping with?

By myself or with my partner. He has great taste and can honestly say when something does not flatter.

Hoarder or giver?

Both. I try to give away as much as I can.

Most expensive item in your closet?

I don’t really know because some of my clothes I buy abroad and I don’t compare the currencies. Maybe my Daniella Lehavi shoes or a suit I bought in Hong Kong.

If you could change one thing about the world?

Moderation of economic disparities, in the world I mean. If it’s possible for one more thing then to see many more women in key positions.

Someone you would like to meet?

Angela Merkel

What do you wish for your daughter?

Learn from your mistakes and aim as high as possible.

Your thoughts about money

Means only.

A word about Co.Co

An original and interesting concept. Wish us all good luck 😉

חדש בחנותלחנות

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