Her first response made me happy, the fourth was nostalgic, her attitude towards money is understandable and her dream is relatable. But it’s not about me, and I’m sure you too will smile at her words. Partner number 33, Ayelet Shefa Bar:


איילה שפע בר

Do you reveal your age?

Proudly! (Especially because my partner is 5 years younger than me…) 53 and 3 months.

Where are you from?

Orignially from Nir Zvi settlement, and currently in Sede Varburg.

Family Ties

Three young boys (I started late) at the ages of 11, 13.5, 14.5.

I have been divorced in the past four years and in a relationship for the past year.

A little about yourself

After my long life search of “what I want to be when I grow up”, I decided to study cooking in “Tadmor”.

My first stop in my career as a cook was in a Tel-Aviv based restaurant called “Aroma”, working with the chef Ran Shmueli.

 I then continued with Ran at “Michael Stern” Catering as an amateur confectioner until I moved to Paris to study at “Le Notre”. When I came back I started selling cakes from home.

In 1995 I opened my own Café’ and Bakery “Ayala Bar” in what was a new and upcoming industrial center. The place was under construction and I opened up a Café’ with seven tables and no sign, hoping someone would walk in. Three weeks after the opening, The Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered and the country was grieving.

I don’t know what happened but the Café gained momentum and our French pastries became very popular.

In 2001 my eldest son was born, I then decided to sell the Café because it was impossible to raise children alongside managing the Café and a Patisserie.

In 2002 my second son was born, forcing me to hand over the management of the Patisserie to my parents, until it was sold four years ago.

A few years later I became a culinary advisor of the Aroma Coffee chain store until the separation from the father of my children who was also one of the founders of Aroma.

After the separation, and as part of a new journey came across many growth, awareness and communication workshops, leading me to make a 180 degree change towards the Stock Market and Real-estate field.

I built my dream house, and lost a lot of money in the Stock Market, I invested a little in Real-estate and now I think I’m in the right direction- Real Estate Consultant!

What is written on your imaginary business card? (Don’t be modest)

So… My new business card would be an elegant combination of blue and gold, conveying prestige.

It would read ” Real Estate Consulting and Brokerage of Luxury Homes”.

I want to be a leader in the Realty field, even though I’m new to it, and feel that I still have so much to learn.

If you had a profile on a dating website?

  I already had, and the text changed according to my current mood and spirit.

Iv’e always found the romantic men who send flowers and virtual hearts funny, because I’ve always liked extreme sports, fast cars, motorbikes and yachts. I certainly love the good life!

What has influenced your taste?

A few years ago I hired the services of the stylist Sandra Ringler to organize my closet. Before that I had a problem that I bought a lot, and always had something missing. Sandra changed my dressing habits, took me shopping and I think that was the season that I spent the least amount of money on clothing.

What do you love to wear the most?

Co.Co of course! It makes up a large portion of my closet.

Who do you go shopping with?

By myself. I don’t want to feel uncomfortable or be judged on my spending habits, or lack of, when it comes to clothing.

Hoarder or giver?

Always glad to give.

I never throw away clothes, and nothing makes me happy more than knowing that all the clothes that I pass on are worn.  I’m also an obsessive recycler with her own composter!

Most expensive item in your closet?

I used to buy expensive clothing, but today I prefer buying good and affordable items.

If you could change one thing about the world?

I would eliminate the obesity gene.

Someone you would like to meet?


What do you wish for your daughter?

Let’s Pass. It won’t happen.

Your thoughts about money

On one hand there’s never enough, but it’s a great way to pursue your dreams. For me it has no real value, but I’m dreading not having enough. I don’t make enough to fell economically confident, although some people will judge my spending habits.

A word about Co.Co

Many things have been said about Co.Co, especially praising Tsafra and Dalia. I decided to invest, and keep investing is because I like smart leaders who convince me to try out new things that I’m not familiar with, especially things with an added value. I do not regret my decision.


חדש בחנותלחנות

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