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Meet Dr. Michal Preminger, your partner 266th in Co.Co, Ph. serves as Director of Business Development of the Office of Technology Development of Harvard Medical School, (which is not all for Michal)

Would you tell how old are you?
There is no choice, is there? I won’t hide. I have just celebrated 50.

Where are you from?
Givataim, Israel. In the last 9 years I have lived in Boston.

Something about the family?
Married to David. Mother of Aviv(17) and Zohar(14).

Where have you been and what have you been up to?
I am the director of scientific application at Harvard School of Medicine (commercializing and entrepreneurship related to the bio-medical research conducted there). I am also involved as consultant in various boards of directors in Israel and in the USA – Prize4Life, Israel Brain Technologies, ElMindA, FutuRx. MedAware, SipNose and others. Previously I worked in the bio-technology and hi-tech industries, did my MBA in Insead and PhD (cancer vaccines and mechanisms in the immune system) in Weitzman Institute. I served as a squad NCO in the IAF aviation school and my daughter calls me a medical school drop out.

What is written on your imaginary business card?
Connect science with reality.

And on your card if you had one in a dating website?
Perfect match for weekends.

What did mostly influence your style?
The fact that my body is imperfect and the work I have to invest in order to look good.

What is your favorite outfit?
Black wide-leg pants with thin stripes (unlike what Tsafra thinks) and a shirt with rounded cleavage that flatters my favorite part of the body – my neck.

Who do you shop with?
Always alone.

Collect or give away?
Give away, give away

The most expensive item in your closet?
900-NIS jacket.

If you could change one thing in the world what was it?
I would like all the people to behave like my neighbors in Boston. They are generous, kind and peace seekers.

Someone to meet with?
My late father for a few more hours.

What do you wish for your daughter?
May she captures the world with her glow.

A word about money –
To have just enough.


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